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Raison d'exister. Donner une extension à mon cerveau, me permettant d'archiver et de retrouver, depuis n'importe où (i.e. au moyen d'une connection internet), toute information qui me semble pouvoir être "au cas où" utile. Ayant tendance à garder en des endroits physiquement différents une énorme quantité de petits bouts de papier avec des références ou des articles, l'idée était de trouver un moyen plus efficace pour trier cela, garder des traces, recherchables, hyperlinkées. Accessibles et utiles d'abord pour moi, et si cela peut servir à d'autres, bein tant mieux. Une nouvelle occasion de test... (suite et infos >>>)
Foire Aux Questions (FAQ)

Why am I selective for my network on LinkedIn ?

With 4 invitations currently waiting in my LinkedIn Inbox, I write a short note to send to these few folks, as I will decline their invitation.

For me, my contacts form a network of people I know, at least a bit, from a kind of human perspective - at least more than just "we met a few times". So I can tell at least one nice thing about my contacts... With some, we spent hours and hours beside work on some common projects. Together, we developped friendship, trust, knowledge. OK, sometimes less, but still. Or another particular reason in my mind and they are "in".

So this is why I keep declining some invitations, thinking that I do not know the person (or you !) good enough. I guess that I could have far more people in my network, but I like to keep it small enough. And I do think that there are some advantages to keep it with this kind of level in the ralationships.

So if are among the ones who invited me and I declined your invitation, I apologize if this caused you trouble and hope that these few lines explained you a bit better my position... that might also change in the future.

And in case - for me at least - I know where to find quite a bunch of people not "in"... but in my mind   ;-)

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